In an ever changing world with tight deadlines it is key to stay in control of everything. We notice that many companies still struggle with enormous amounts of paperwork and never see the end of it. That is where Digipaper can help you. We offer you a solution to free up the time you need to provide your customers with a 100% service, while we manage your administration and/or digitize it, to prepare you for the future. Immediate access to all your invoices, no endless phone and mail contacts with your accountant, no lost documents and mails. Above all this you will also save a lot of money in the process. At Digipaper we are there to support you.

Mystery Shopping

As our relationship develops, we can execute for you different missions to support your sales activities. This could go as far as  “mystery shopping”. We can go to the wholesale or retail sales locations where your products are sold, to check on the quality of your product’s “presentation”, to check also on prices, temporary promotions etc.


Digipaper is specialized in the digitization of accounting documents. To do that we collaborate with different online platforms where you, as a customer, can consult your accounting data at all times, also via mobile devices. You track and see every sales and procurement invoice, also if we have done the input for you. You will also see the balance on your accounts and your budget at all times.

Administrative Support

Digipaper provides admin support to starters, freelancers and small & medium sized companies in the East- and West-Flanders regions. If you do not have the time or the interest to perform time consuming and sometimes difficult administrative actions (offerings, invoices, order documents, fleet management, personnel administration, …), then we can help you. This is possible for a few hours per month, or we can offer a package of services based on your specific needs.

Meet the team

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Hannes Lootens

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